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Vehicle Tracking
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Pro-tech automotive now offer a wide range of vehicle security products. We can supply and fit a wide range of products from vehicle tracking solutions and remote immobilisation to vehicle lock upgrades and obd protection. May it be a single personal vehicle or a company fleet of car or commercial vehicles we can tailor a security package to cater for your needs.

We also carry out a vast amount of commercial vehicle upgrades from bulkheads, ply lining and shelving to roof racks, pipe carriers and van steps.
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Security Systems

• Security Systems

• PTA-10 Wired Tracker

• OBD Protection

• Protektaplate

• Armour Shell

pta10 wired tracker

A unique hardwired device allowing you to monitor a vehicle’s journey and location.

The system comes complete with an easy to use application which can be downloaded to a mobile device and an online cloud based system, not only providing details of location, vehicle alerts, and journey history, but also provides vehicle anti theft technology and geo-fencing capabilities, alerting you should the vehicle not be where it is meant to be and allowing you to quickly and safely disable the vehicle.

Full specification

• iOS, Android and Web platform

• Real time monitoring

• Remote Engine shut down/restart

• Engine on/off detection alerts

• Set geo-fence – receive breach alerts

• Idle time calculation and journey history and analytics

• Back-up battery and device tamper notification

• Set speed limit and receive speeding alerts

• Acceleration sensor – vibration alarm

• Our Price from £240 + vat fully fitted inc first year subscription.


This passively armed, OBD Port electronic immobiliser disarms both Can-bus feeds to the OBD port upon turning off the ignition.

The OBD Port is re-activated by passing a uniquely coded transponder, in the form of a card, across a hidden receptor that only the vehicle owner knows where it is located. This means the OBD Port cannot be used to overcome the vehicle immobiliser and / or clone blank keys or be used to start keyless entry vehicles.

The transponder code can be registered via Secure My Code if desired

Full specification

• Supplied with one credit card and one tag type transponder

• Stops key cloning and the use of electronic bypass devices

• Close range transponder allowing the reader to be installed covertly behind a plastic interior trim

• Utilises a Thatcham Approved Category 2 Immobiliser

• Resin bonded small ECU with all black security wiring, flashing LED, pin code override

• Isolates OBD Port/ECU communication

• For fleet operators, override codes can be registered with ‘Secure My Code’ system


As OEM security increases and develops so do the methods thieves adopt to bypass these systems. Gone are the days of thieves only carrying a small flat bladed screwdriver – more and more commonly thieves are becoming more violent and are using the latest power tools to drill or cut their way into vans by accessing and overriding certain parts of the locking mechanism.


The Protector plate has been developed to answer these vehicle specific vulnerabilities. Using in house R&D facilities and 30 years knowledge in the vehicle security industry we were able to design, manufacture and provide a solution that not only addresses vulnerabilities that have been discovered already but also adds protection to other vulnerable areas of the locking mechanism.

Full specification

• Unique Bespoke Applications Address Specific Vehicle Vulnerabilities

• Proactive Design Protects Against Future Entry Methods

• Easy Installation

• Neat High Quality Stainless Steel Finish

• Great Visual Deterrent— High Security Internal Fixing Plates/ Fixings

• Covers Damage if Vehicle has already been attacked



The ArmourShell has been designed, manufactured and tested to address and combat the existing and potential methods used by even the most determined would be thief. The Armourshell is the product of choice for those who require the ultimate answer to their security needs. No expense was spared when designing & producing this pedigree locking system; its features include a body made from a lightweight yet durable Alloy with an anodised black finish. It uses a high security, low maintenance locking system which incorporates a semi-automatic hardened steel locking bolt that’s durable enough to handle frequent use without failing.



The unique design of the angled body is designed to deflect direct blows from a hammer, its inter-locking (anti-jemmy) rear body prevents the doors from being crowbarred/ jemmied apart and on the side door the 45 degree shell body chamfer allows the Armourshell to close to a gap of 3mm which further enhances protection to the systems locking bolt. The shells also incorporate hardened steel/ anti-drill inserts in the lock bodies to prevent circumventing of the locking system. The shell is finished in a high quality anodised black to prevent corrosion in the harshest of environments and included in all kits are bespoke internal reinforcing fixing plates to achieve the securest mount possible. The Armourshell has been attack tested and is Thatcham accredited.

Full specification

•High Security Low Maintenance Semi-Automatic System

•Unique Angled Body Deflects Blows from a Hammer

•Inter-Locking (Anti Jemmy) Rear Body

•45 Degree Side Door Body Chamfer Allows the Armourshell to fit Side Doors

•Hardened Steel, Anti-Drill Inserts in the Lock Bodies

•Anti Pick Lock & Hardened Steel Bolt

•High Quality Anodised Finish

•Effective Yet Cosmetically Discreet

•Thatcham Accredited